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Expert Advice for Landing a Job in Education

Looking for an edge in your search for a job in education?

Nervous about an upcoming interview?

Reservations about your teaching resume?

Check out our series of guides to help you get the job you’ve been looking for – from preparing an education-focused resume and building a strong application to delivering an impressive demo lesson and beyond.

Developed by KIPP’s expert recruiters, teachers and administrators, these tools will help you show that you have the knowledge, passion and skills that fit jobs in education and that kids deserve in the classroom.

Promoting Equity: Resources to Counter Racism

We want our students, staff and community to be able to engage in productive conversations about racial equity. Here are some resources our community has used to start these conversations and push our thinking. Read More >

Bringing Authenticity and Passion to the Classroom

Dive in and learn how bringing their whole self to work each day helps our teachers become exceptional educators. Read More >

4 Questions to Ask After You Get a Job Offer

You've been given a job offer and you're so excited that a school wants to you teach with them. The temptation to accept right away is great, but there are some essential questions you should ask after you get a job offer.  Read More >

5 Tips for Writing Your Education Resume

A strong education resume may well be the single most important tool for getting the job you want. It is the proverbial foot in the door and has to be both persuasive and compelling to get you past the employment gatekeepers. Read More >

When you're trying to get a teaching job in NJ, you may be asked to give a demo lesson at the school you're interviewing with. This guide will help you prepare to give a fantastic demo lesson and show that you are a great fit for their school.

3 Tips for Acing Your Demo Lesson

Delivering a demo lesson is a common part of the hiring process for teachers. Learn what administrators expect from you and how to you can ace this sometimes intimidating portion of your interview. Read More >